Arlet Berg – Takvor

Born in 1967 in Istambul (Turkey) of Armenian origin. She completed her primary school in Istanbul and started  high school in Paris. 

In 1978 she moved and settled in Switzerland with her family and finished her schooling and higher education in Geneva. Graduated in Public Relations and Tourism.

• OGE accompanying person since 2010.

• First OGE workshop in 2003.

• OGE facilitator since 2008.


Born in 1974 in Toulouse (France). He lives in Toulouse. He has an engineering degree and is a  manager in the industry.

• OGE facilitator since 2015.

Cécile Dufour

Born in 1981, presently lives in Geneva. In 2004, she earned a Masters in psychology from the University of Geneva. 

• She worked for 6 years with adults suffering from mental handicap.

• Psychotherapist and OGE accompanying person in private practice since 2010.

• First OGE workshop in 2010.

• OGE facilitator since 2007.


Born in 1977. She lives in the area of Montréal in Québec (Canada). Policewoman since 1998.

• First OGE workshop in 2012.

• OGE facilitator since January 2019.


Born in 1965. She lives in Québec, Canada. Programmer-Analyst from 1986 to 1993 for Gestion Proben, Air Canada, then for Standard Life.

• She works as a  a massokinesitherapist since 1993 and is an OGE accompaniying person since 2010.

• She is self-employed and has been the owner of Massothérapie Vaudreuil since 1993.

• First OGE workshop in April 2006

• OGE facilitator since 2010


Born in 1965. Landscape gardener. Currently works in a foundation for the disabled.

• OGE facilitator since January 2020

Véronique Sordet

Born in 1972. NGO coordinator, sound therapist, yoga teacher

• First OGE workshop in 2015.

• OGE accompanying person since 12.02.2018.

• OGE facilitator since January 2020.