OGE “The reverse of ego”

This approach is recommended at the onset of any of these symptoms:

  • I have recurring pains (stomach, back, head, chest)
  • I’m drained, tired and have no more desires…
  • I’m anxious– I’m afraid of the future.
  • I’ve lost my self-confidence
  • I don’t sleep well, I wake up tired…
  • Anything annoys me, or makes me angry.
  • I no longer find pleasure in my daily life


How do you break free?

The 3 pillars of OGE “The reverse of ego”.


I swittch off my mind, I go back to the present moment.
I identify my blocked emotions, I feel them, I express them/bring them out.
I reconnect to myself, I rediscover the person I am, my desires and the desire to live.

My success depends on me, and on a regular practice. I can be accompanied, but no one can do it for me.

Test the 1st pillar

by Dr. Daniel Dufour

Put OGE in your life

“Before I knew about OGE, I was under the care of a psychiatrist and was on antidepressants. Since I learned to express my emotions, I have gotten rid of my malaise and psoriasis. I practice this method on a daily basis and I have regained my joie de vivre and my desires!”

Arlet, 37 years old, Switzerland

I was so anxious that I could neither leave my house nor stay alone in a room, despite conventional therapies and hospitalization. After OGE, I freed myself from my anxieties, resumed a “normal” life and today I feel really good!

Michèle, 20 years old – France

“OGE has changed the way I look at life and more importantly, what I can do with it. It helped me become independent and develop my business. I never would have built a business like this if I didn’t have OGE.”

Christian, 49 years old – Switzerland

“It’s a natural approach, with no side effects and it’s rare. Well-being sets in and I feel it right away when I’m not practicing. My body sends me symptoms and I am able, today, to stop an asthma attack thanks to this.”

Marianne, 47 years old – Switzerland

“It was through the OGE approach that I was able to understand and heal my abandonment wound. I learned to live in the present without getting lost in projections that produce anguish and palpitations in the heart.”

Anet, 52 years old – Turkey

“I was very angry. With OGE, it was the first time I was told ‘you have the right to be angry and you have the right to express it’ except that I wasn’t doing it in the right way. I learned to express myself, to free myself and to do good.”

Nadia, 29 years old – France

“I express my emotions and it goes right away. I am a much happier person than I used to be. I’ve even eliminated my fear of flying.”

Raya, 82 years old – Switzerland

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