OGE « The reverse of ego » and PTSD

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) reaches people who are victims of trauma caused by violence (sexual or otherwise), an accident, a natural disaster or war, those working on the front lines of social services and exposed to sordid stories of sexual assault, or degrading treatment, those working in the emergency or on difficult field, for example soldiers, emergency doctors, firefighters, police officers, detention officers, train drivers, paramedics, humanitarian workers … 

PTSD is a medical entity that defines the disorders that can occur in a person directly or indirectly exposed to trauma. This means that the person may have experienced or witnessed the trauma, or have gathered information about the trauma of others.

According to current estimates, the situation is alarming. According to some sources, one in ten people suffer from PTSD in the world. Of course, every person exposed to traumatic shock will not automatically suffer from PTSD.

This medical entity has recently been recognized as a disorder in its own right, which explains why PTSD is still under-diagnosed. Result: in our societies, many people suffer enormously without even knowing what to do with their problems, since they are not recognized, which aggravates their disarray. Deprived of any help, these people are at risk: they can implode and become seriously ill physically or psychologically, or explode, with all the excess violence that entails.

The OGE”The reverse of ego” method very effective in preventing PTSD as well as helping those who suffer from it.

A specific OGE program has been specifically designed for this purpose: it includes supervision by Daniel Dufour M.D., a follow-up by an OGE accompanying person, OGE workshops. The duration of this accompaniment requires a follow-up between four months to a year, according to the severity of the disorders, without any medicine taken.

This program can be followed on an individual basis or in the context of a company or a trade that wishes to make available to its employees a prevention program or a program of care for those who suffer from PTSD , so that they can be reintegrated as quickly as possible within the company, while minimizing the heavy financial losses caused by absenteeism due to PTSD.

Reference books:

  •  « Le bout du tunnel » Dr Daniel Dufour, Ed de l’Homme 2018
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 For more information :  www.tspt.ch



Registration for PTSD workshop


Registration for PTSD workshop