Who are we

Who are we ?

Daniel DUFOUR, M.D.

Born in 1951

After attending primary and secondary schools in France and Switzerland, he obtained a medical degree in Geneva in 1979.

Working first as a surgeon in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe and along the Thai-Cambodian border, he then became an International Red Cross (CICR) delegate and medical coordinator in Asian, Middle Eastern and European war zones.

In London, he earned a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and a Masters in Tropical Medicine (1987).

In 1988, he became head physician at the Vitamed Clinic in Geneva where, as a doctor, he practices integrative medicine that addresses and treats the causes of illness rather than merely the symptoms.

He is the founder of the concept and the method OGE “The reverse of ego” since1997, and is a specialist of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Publications :

  • 2018 « Le bout du tunnel » Ed. de l’Homme
  • 2016 «J’ai failli y laisser mon âme» Ed. de l’Homme
  • 2015 «Hope» Ed. de l’Homme (co-auteur)
  • 2014 “Le tumulte amoureux” Ed. de l’Homme
  • 2010 “Rebondir !” Ed. de l’Homme
  • 2007 “La blessure d’abandon” Ed. de l’Homme
  • 2005 “Les barrages inutiles” Ed. de l’Homme
  • 2003 “Les tremblements intérieurs” Ed. de l’Homme
  • 1988 “Surgery for victims of war” CICR (éditeur et co-auteur)